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  • Your Identity Theft Recovery Service comes complete with:


  • ​$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance**

  • Home & Car Title monitoring

  • US-Based Customer Care Team

  • Risk Management Report

  • Data Breach Notifications

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • High Risk Transaction Monitoring

  • Safe Browsing Tools

  • Bank Account Monitoring

  • Identity Protection 

  • Credit Protection:

  • Monthly Credit Score*

  • Credit Monitoring

  • Identity Restoration


Automotive Data Breach Program

Business Identity Management

A data breach diverts attention from the daily activities of running a
business. If your time is normally devoted to serving your customers and
overseeing operations, you can expect to delegate that work to others
while you respond to the breach.

Loss of confidence by customers can be the most serious cost (lost
sales). A data breach can also generate costs such as letters and phone
calls, and providing customers with credit or other monitoring services.
Protect your business..... Give us a call today!


Automotive Data Breach Services

1. Pre-Breach Protection and Preparedness Services:     

     a. Dark Web Breach Alert Monitoring

     b. Dark Web Business Credential Monitoring

     c. “Full Package” Identity Theft Protection and Monitoring for

          Employees and Owners

     d. Breach Prevention and Data Security Education and Training



2. Breach Response Services:

     a. Breach Notification Service (includes postal and/or email

         notifications to the first 5,000 breach victims for free, discount

         for victims >5,000)

     b. 2 Year Breach Victim Identity Recovery and Monitoring

         Services (includes IDR/recovery and internet black market

         monitoring for the first 100,000 breach victims for free,

         discount for victims >100,000)

     c. 24/7/365 Breach Response Center to report breach events

     d. Breach Response Coordination Service (provides a Dedicated

         Breach Response Coordinator to manage and  assist in the

         breach response)

     e. Call Center Coordination Service

     f. Legal Referral Service

     g. Computer and Network Forensic Referral and Coordination


     h. Public Relations Referral Service

      i. Law Enforcement Coordination Service

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