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Our Mission

JGF Solutions is dedicated to creating services that help companies protect their assets from the devastating effects of data breach. We offer comprehensive solutions for businesses and organizations both large and small. JGF Solutions is committed to building a new standard for fraud protection. Whether it is your business, your brand, or your identity, our sole purpose is to safeguard your world.

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For over a decade, USA ID RECOVERY has delivered identity, financial and privacy protection, threat intelligence and investigative services to help businesses fight evolving online threats. We combine an unparalleled global research network with data analysis, actionable intelligence and the very best in personalized services to meet our clients’ dynamic security needs. From employee to enterprise, USA ID RECOVERY is redefining how organizations fight fraud and combat an evolving threat  to mitigate risk on multiple levels.

James G Formanek, CEO| Phone: 800.635.0598

30 Year  Auto Industry Executive.  11 years as an owner operator of 12 locations in 7 states. I started JGF Solutions over a decade ago to provide Dealers and Business owners the ability to help protect themselves and their customers from an Identity theft event. We have over 100 dealerships signed up with our ID product and many Dealers have elected to cover their locations with our Data Breach Deterrent Program.

Susan D Schmidt, COO | Phone: 800.635.0598

30 plus years experience in financial and strategic business planning, developing advertising, implementing policies and procedures for sales and service. I have a very diverse background in business and have been CIPA certified for Identity Theft Restoration by the Identity Management Institute.

Richard Finney, VP of Sales l  800.635.0598

Richard started a career in the automotive industry with General Motors Acceptance Corporation in 1985.  After holding several management positions and 23 years of service, Richard transitioned into the Regulatory Compliance aspect of the automotive industry for the next 10 years.  After joining the JGF Solutions team in 2017, his primary focus has been in the area of Identity Management and Data Security.

Thomas P. Coonley, Sales Manager 800.635.059

 Over 30 years experience in the  Insurance and financial industry. 

Now dedicated solely to assisting organizations in areas such as profitability, efficiency and Identity Protection products. "Operating at a higher standard will ultimately protect your business, your employees and those you serve."
Specialties: Training development,  product distribution and incremental revenue stream development for business partners

USA ID RECOVERY utilizes an identity theft protection platform which is powered by IBM® Watson AI™.  This plan can monitor your online accounts, promptly alert you to suspicious activity, and assist you in taking actions to mitigate instances of identity theft and is backed by a $1 million insurance policy* to cover you from any losses or stolen funds. Becoming a victim of ID Theft can be one of the most troubling situations a person can experience, especially when they are unprotected.  Years of hard work can be wiped out in an instant. USA ID Recovery makes the choice safe, simple, and secure.


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